Programmable Systems Research Testbed to Explore a Stack-WIde Adaptive System fabriC



  • Ioan Raicu

    • Principal Investigator: explore practical aspects to realizing universal memory with byte-addressable non-volatile memory where applications compute directly on persistent memory

  • Kyle Hale

    • Co-Principal Investigator: build new OS abstractions on top of programmable NoCs to adapt the on-chip network to applications’ communication topologies and to enforce performance isolation and QoS between specialized OSes that space-share the chip

  • Xian-He Sun

    • Co-Principal Investigator: develop an integrated data access system, Dynamic PortHadoop to support both parallel file systems for data-coherent and MapReduce/Spark systems

  • Ophir Trigalo

    • Collaborator: provide resources and expertise needed to bring the MYSTIC testbed online, and to maintain it over the course of the testbed lifetime

  • Nikos Hardavellas

    • Collaborator: provide expertise in specialized operating systems (OS) and field programable gate arrays (FPGA)

  • Sanjiv Kapoor

    • Collaborator: provide expertise in improving network performance through new dynamic routing algorithms, leveraging rich multi-path topologies of multi-dimensional networks

  • Alexandru Iulian Orhean

    • Lead System Administrator: provides day-to-day operational support, maintenance, and technical support

  • Travis Koehring

    • System Administrator Assistant

  • Alexander Ballmer

    • System Administrator Assistant

  • Gabriel Bryk

    • System Administrator Assistant

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